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Cooking Inspiration for all..

Cooking doesn't have to be complicated!

I love to teach you to make it from scratch and help you feel the goodness of creating good Indian food in your kitchen and appreciate it keeping the traditional culinary touch with a twist of modern techniques. Food that is flavorsome packed with nutrients, health benefits and creating memorable recipes to recreate with your family and friends.

I am passionate about what I do and love to share my recipes, cooking tips in my cooking lessons that fosters a platform for discussion and hands on experience to explore the vast array of Indian curries.

Whether you are new to the kitchen or a confident cook wanting to explore more and take up a new challenge I will customize a menu that matches your skill to improve your cooking ability for life!




  Cook Food that is simple, traditional healthy and imaginative.

Create and share ideas for delicious home cooking

Celebrate the wonderful, freshly sourced ingredients and support local food markets



Our classes are suitable for all age groups and abilities, with a variety of classes offering seasonal treats and flavours. Take a peek at our classes



We help you organise your events for special occasions ,hen parties, team building food demonstrations and corporate events, so that you can learn, participate and enjoy cooking together and treasure memories.Visit our events page to see the most happening options in the food world.



A perfect gift for someone you love and when you are  spoilt for  choice and you just want them to choose what they really love to learn   Our gift vouchers Shop are just the thing to choose.