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Anita Chipalkatty

I am a food enthusiast ,with a passion for cooking  delicious food and  love to make healthy eating tasty and  fun.

My mission is to inspire  people to cook; that is simple and practical.

A recipe has no soul as the cook must bring soul to the recipe


Hello foodies,

I am Anita and my cooking reflects my thoughts, my memories from my childhood in India, food has always been the centre of my life. Kitchen was always filled with  conversations about food , drinks and entertainment for family and friends throughout the day.  

As much as this inspired me to learn to chop onions with teary eyes and trying to hold a blunt knife(health and safety) was an experience. Visiting the local food markets and seeing all the fresh produce and inhaling those fresh flavours right from curry leaves to the spices; I remember  peeling garlic cloves, fresh peas and making our own curry pastes all made from scratch. The aroma filled the kitchen with exotic flavours that would transport you to a different world! The curiosity to watch these dishes come alive transfixed me to do it myself.

My mother’s  Curry recipe is still the best and always remember her saying” they are no shortcuts in cooking! everything is a process and following the right method will always give a great result to your dish ”

I really got into cooking when I got married with a houseful of foodies to feed and I wanted to impress my in-laws too, I took upon the simple recipes from the acquired cook books  from my college days to begin my journey into cooking curries. My  Mother-in-law influenced  me as well with her  wonderful chutneys and health benefits of herbs and spices in our cooking and the importance of it in our lives.

I received my professional training from Northampton Catering College and gained a lot of experience learning different cooking styles, cuisines and techniques in modern cooking. My speciality is in cooking Indian but I love to explore international flavours and give my traditional dish a modern twist with a focus on eating healthy and staying well.

My husband and my two children are  foodies like me and we all enjoy spending time exploring food festivals, farmers markets and local food and flavours ;we love to entertain friends and family in our kitchen and often never quite make it to the living room and  we continue to pursue our interest in food, wine, cheese and travel.

These inspirations are from my family, my travel  experiences and from some unsung chefs who graciously imparted their knowledge to me which has helped in my learning process to whom I shall forever be indebted to.

Hobby Cooks was an idea which transpired into a cookery lessons as a result of sharing cooking knowledge with  friends at dinner parties.

Cooking Classes are held in my family kitchen in Northampton to make you feel at home and enjoy the comfort of a relaxed environment and also teach in various cookery schools and food demonstrations in Food festivals and events.

Learning to cook is a life skill and I hope to share my knowledge and experience through my cooking classes so you can enjoy recreating them and enjoy making memories and celebrate food.

Join me in discovering the wonderful world of food – Share your culinary tastes and experiences with me as I look forward to meeting you  to share my mine!

Happy cooking!

Thank you,

Anita Chipalkatty.


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