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Goan Cooking

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Goan Cooking class at Sophie’s Cooking school at Oxford and what an  exciting venue to be teaching the Goan dishes  with a bunch of enthusiastic people who loved the idea to experiment with the Indian coastal food featuring some new flavours with exotic spices and herbs.

We started our culinary adventure by talking about the popular Indian restaurants they go to and their favourite dishes1 but of course Chicken vindaloo and Aloo Saag topped the charts and they all seemed to love spicy food! ( Thank god for a change!-I often hear about how spicy the food is too consume).

Having exchanged our thoughts we started on our starters “Sannas” a steamed rice cake which was made with fermenting rice and  coconut! we experimented with both fresh and grated version of rice and coconut! It was very fascinating to see the fermenting process as the dough magically  looked risen. We cooked it in our steam pod and waited for the rest of the dishes to go with it.

To accompany our starter we made a very traditional Goan curry using Fresh Hake from Oxford fish market locally sourced and shopped by Amelia.We marinated the fish with turmeric and vinegar and made the curry sauce using tomatoes and onions, making our own tamarind pulp  finishing it off with fresh coconut milk and garnished it with coriander.

Making the beetroot  and carrot salad was interesting as  we all wear gloves to grate the very colourful beet and made devilled eggs to compliment our main dishes.

The evening  ended with a sweet note as we tasted all the great food we made and pleasantly surprised that hard work does pay and couldn’t wait to recreate all the dishes again!

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Author: AC

An Indian Chef, Cookery Demonstrator and Cookery Tutor